Project Manager, Marketer, Cheerleader, Organization Nut & Foodie 

My name is Tessa.  Can you tell I don't like titles? Good. Here's a little more about me :) 

I’m a girlfriend to a fab boyfriend, an aunt to a witty 4 year old and a friend to a phenomenal second family. The Queen City has stolen the heart of a Floridian. I am a northern born, but southern raised country girl with a big heart and even bigger love for food, travel and the arts :) If I could live off peanut butter and lamb chops (not together) I totally would :D  I value community, wellness, family and my faith in God. I am a caregiver at heart and love on those in my circle. I want to see you live your passion and thrive in your purpose with balance. I am a goal driven, overachieving, extrovert who's a little introverted as well. I love meeting new people and making connections.  


Random Fact: Bella Creative's medical theme comes from my journey towards medical school that unfortunately ended when my mother took sick 7 years ago. I became her and my fathers full-time caregiver from that moment on. I discovered a new love for marketing and project management and a road that I know God paved for me ahead of time. So now I have combined multiple passions into one with Bella Creative  :) 


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