Tessa's Portfolio

I have been utilizing social media as a way to make connections for almost 6 years. After helping a church friend with setting up his business Facebook Page back in 2011, I realized the power of social media and people's voices online. I started teaching senior entrepreneurs how to set up social media accounts and within a few years, I started managing accounts for small business owners. My goal is to always learn the brand voice, have their goals and the needs of who they are targeting at the forefront of all initiatives. I have used my research, project management, creative and listening skills to help brands reach their audience. 


Industries I've worked:

  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Realtors
  • Entertainment
  • Strategists
  • Beauty
  • Construction
  • Health/Medical

The type of industry I work with varies, but there are some characteristics that these individuals and companies have in common. When clients come to me they are ready to take action and increase their brand awareness whether that be from an operations perspective or marketing and branding. 

be your own kind of beautiful by Tisun Beauty


Tisun Beauty is a 30+ year old beauty supply company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Think Ulta and Sephora, but half the size of a super Wal-Mart. It is one of the largest in the southeast.  I was hired as the Director of Marketing for Tisun. Essentially I filled the role as Project Manager for the company as well, and was given the opportunity to manage multiple types of projects. The projects ranged from planning trade shows and in-store events, preparing content and managing the digital marketing, operations, and community relations outreach. 


  • Increase online and offline Presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Partnered with Novant Health & American Cancer Society to donate more than 20 thousand  in wig donations to each organization) 
  • Improve customer service and experience online and in-store 
  • Improve store efficiency


My team and I successfully reached our company goals by implementing initiatives like hosting in-store workshops and events to improve customer education and experience. I led the Tisun Stellar Awards and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful launch that increased our sales by over 200% online and 500% in store. The Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Ambassador program was used to use partner with influencers in the beauty industry. I  successfully worked with popular YouTube Celebrities and international bloggers in 2015 which in return launched our international sales and increased sales site wide within 1 week of launch. The #BYOKOB hashtag was born through this initiative. Increased interaction on social accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook within 3 months of hire that increased foot traffic in-store, reviews online and more. I was in charge of planning our trade show and community events. 


Clark Allen & Charlotte Arrangements

Charlotte Arrangements has been in business over 20+ years and was going through a rebrand during my tenure with the company. It was Clarke's goal to rebrand all 3 of his companies under his name Clarke Allen and expand into new markets. After realization that I had some experience in marketing and a passion for managing projects, Clarke tasked me with spearheading his Get Inspired project. Get Inspired was designed to bring together all of Clarke's assets and essentially become a online hub for DIY'ers, Event Planners and Designers. 


  • Rebrand under Clarke Allen 
  • Provide conversation, likability, curiosity and simplicity for the new market via social media, get inspired website and other Clarke Allen assets. 
  • Manage the Get Inspired website design, content creation process and launch. 


I had the opportunity to see firsthand how Clarke wanted his vision to come alive and the experience he wanted to provide. I worked beside him to learn the ins and outs of the industry and his history in event planning and design. Doing this provided a strong foundation so that I could show his team what type of content their audience needed and how we could deliver it to those individuals. The time I spent learning gave me ample research to assist Clarke in making decisions for the Get Inspired project. I designed the Gateway to Conversation presentation which was a strategy that showed Clarke's staff how to utilize social media moving forward with current and potential clients. I managed our video production team, event designers/planners and other key stakeholders that helped this project come to life. Under mine and Clarke's direction, the www.clarkeallen.com/get-inspired website roll out was successful. 


The Fresh Expo 

The Fresh Expo is Charlotte's only Non-GMO, Organic, Healthy & Green Living event. This event showcases a variety of naturalorganic and healthy foodseco-friendly and green products and services for individuals and families to enjoy. They provide workshops, guest speakers and various activities to increase the awareness of all forms of healthy living options. 


  • Generate buzz and awareness of 2013 and 2017 Fresh Expo Events via content creation
  • Create a conversation online with attendees and connect with potential vendors and sponsors
  • Promote event activities, run giveaways, vendors, guest speakers, and more! 

I was tasked with managing our event street teams and managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for The Fresh Expo. During year 1 and 2 successfully increased the accounts engagement, likes and reach by more than 200%. This was done by creating content strategically, testing various types of content (video, text, photos and graphics) and most importantly positioning the Fresh Expo strategically via Facebook Groups and Twitter Chats.I chose the latter two strategies to ensure that we were building relationships with our idea audience and not just posting content.  


Bella Creative Co

was launched in 2014 as a business lifestyle and wellness blog for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs. I created this space online to help dreamers, doers and perfectionist to align their lifestyles with their hustle. To help them make their wellness and self-care a priority and most importantly to help them cultivate their lifestyles and businesses. I do this by blogging about the use of project management tools, systems, processes and various workflows for your lifestyle. I also occasionally interview entrepreneurs and bloggers from around the country. Bella Creative Co is my way of using my project management skills, other random knowledge + my love for research to help others. 


With the use of strategic partnering, Facebook groups and Twitter chats I have successfully built a mid-size following online. My Instagram and Twitter following  now have over 1,000 followers and I have tripled my page views within about 6 months of consistent blogging. I have designed all graphics located on my website and social media unless credited otherwise. I also successfully designed website twice. I started from scratch and decided to build something authentic in a very saturated online world. Below you can see examples of my Instagram esthetic and other content. To see examples of my writing, please visit my blog at www.bellacreative.co/blog


Pilar Hogans, ARNC-P of Hello Smooth Spa 

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Pilar, the owner of Hello Smooth Spa in Jacksonville, Florida for almost a year to grow her personal brand on Instagram. Pilar felt that her content didn't successfully show her personality and what mattered to her. She wanted to give her social accounts a revamp and grow her following. 


  •  To have an esthetic and content that reflected her profession, audience and personality
  • Reach her potential customers for her spa and also her upcoming make up line 
  • To have the confidence and skills to manage her own social accounts


The first thing I noticed was that Pilar had no idea what to post online. Though a millennial she wasn't sure what to post and wasn't versed in the tech and social media world. My first task was to learn about Pilar's life, family, business and her goals a little more. I wanted to ensure that I was using her voice when posting and curating content. When I started working with Pilar she had 216 followers on Instagram and her content wasn't curated to fit her audience. Now you may be thinking that there aren't many benefits to growing personal accounts, but when you are a business owner, I disagree. Pilar is the face of her brand and it's important that she reflects that. With that being said, I curated new content for her Instagram account, gave her tutorials along the way so that she would be comfortable and knew my exact strategies and most importantly I used hashtags strategically to grow her following with intention. I'm happy to say that within a few months of working with me I more than tripled her following from 216 followers to 1112 followers and now she has over 1,500 followers. Pilar can now successfully managed her own account and has confidence using my strategies as she grows both her Spa and her newest business Mod Cosmetics.