the 3 resources you must have for an efficient social media workflow

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the 3 resources you must have for an efficient social media workflow


Social media can be is such a pain in the butt to maintain but it’s necessary. Social media scheduling is the number one task that my clients and people I see in Facebook Groups request help with when it comes to outsourcing. They are overwhelmed and frustrated with the need to stay consistent while juggling other just as important, if not more, responsibilities. I get it. When I first started freelancing about 6 years ago as a social media manager and virtual assistant I was simply scheduling social posts directly from my client's accounts. I had no process whatsoever like I have now that kept me organized and not feeling burned out. Here’s the thing, though, things have changed drastically for me and for you. Over the years I have discovered and created new processes to keep me and clients efficient even though I do not offer services as a social media manager anymore. 

"Plan your work and work your plan" is super important when managing your social media accounts. It's vital to know your ultimate end goal for all content that you share and publish. To create content, share it, manage it, track its success, and stay consistent. There are 3 major keys to accomplishing this and with a couple hours a week or per month, you should be able to stay on top on your social media. 


1 | Editorial Calendar


I’m sure you hear this term a lot but I must say that if you’re feeling like my clients did before working with me then I’m going to assume you either aren’t using an editorial calendar, are stuck in the process or aren’t using it correctly. An editorial calendar is single handedly the most important tool when scheduling content to get organization, stay consistent, and track your progress.

Editorial calendars are used to define and control the process of creating content from idea through to writing and publication. A simple publishing process would be: 

  • brainstorm content ideas

  • write content 

  • location to publish content 

  • when to publish content 

Your process may look a little different but creating one is key to producing good and consistent content. Planning out your content in advance based on launches, blog posts, lead magnets, services, products, and more is so much easier! An editorial calendar tells you what you need to post, when, and where based on your strategy and what you’re working on. An editorial calendar should include the following categories and sections. An editorial calendar can be created in excel, google calendar, google sheets, the day designer (a paper planner) or my favorite Trello.


2 | Social Media Leaderboard


This should’ve been invented YEARS ago, seriously. Maybe it was and I’m a little late to the amazingness. Do you ever find yourself spending hours a week or even day searching the interwebs (web) for reliable and share-worthy content? Do you ever wish you had all of your favorite bloggers, influencers, and websites in one spot? Now you can! A social media leaderboard does all of that for you.

A social media leaderboard should have information on brands fit your audience and brand aesthetic. Holding this information in one place will give you more time to create shareworthy content. It's also a must-have resource for working with a Virtual Assistant. Instead of spending enormous amounts of time approving content that can be shared, they can simply use your leaderboard instead. 


3 | Social Media Scheduler

Hoot Suite, Buffer, CoSchedule, RecurPost, and MeetEdgar to name a few are some of the most popular and best social media management systems or tools available now. They are designed to help you keep track and manage your social network accounts. Read this article by Postplanner to learn more on how to schedule social media posts like a pro. 


The social media management tools I listed above all have free trials and some offer inexpensive plans that start as low as $10 per month. You could spend one day per week for a couple hours scheduling content from your leaderboard and editorial calendar into your social media scheduling tool. This will save you tons of time. If you are unable to do this yourself, hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. 

All 3 of these resources are a must to get organized, stay consistent, and be committed to growing your following online. The key to having more time is getting organized first, delegating as needed, and making sure that your process is working well for you constantly. If not, you should tweak it because processes come down to the individual and their lifestyle.


Do you have questions? Find yourself getting stuck in the process? Need some help organizing your ideas? I'd love to help! Click the graphic below to learn more!