4 areas of business an online business manager can manage

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4 Areas of Business A Online Business Manager Can Manage


As you grow your business, you may start to feel pressure and the feeling of being stretched thin. This is a good thing to have happening, it means that your business is growing and your product/service is working for others. Let’s celebrate that win! As this continues to occur, you’re going to find that the things you were doing when you first started your business may not be working now. You may have been able to juggle everything well enough to get by before, but now you find yourself having items falling off the plate and getting left behind. It’s time to outsource major business tasks and team management to an experienced individual that will benefit your business as you grow.


1 | Team Management


An experienced Online Business Manager is the perfect person to manage your current team (whether full-time or not) and those you may hire later on. Most  OBM’s will be able to manage communications, projects and just overall progress from your team. They are able to be the go-to person for employee on-boarding, questions, fires (emergencies) and even payroll so that you can focus on other areas of the creative side of your business. They can utilize tools like Slack to keep in touch with your team and make sure that they are working efficiently and getting their tasks completed. An Online Business Manager is someone with a bit more experience than a Virtual Assistant.


2 | Strategic Partnerships/Collaborations


Are you interested in working with other organizations, associations or companies, but find yourself dropping the ball on keeping in contact, setting up meetings and being prepared to chat with these individuals about project or ideas? An Online Business Manager can help you manage your calendar, communicate and even prepare meeting minutes so that you stay on track. Relationships are the key to your success, so having someone who values that and can assist you in making those connections and maintaining those relationships will pay off tenfold in the long run.


3 | Business Operations


Making business decisions can sometimes be a very tedious and time-consuming process, but it is one that is mandatory. Wouldn’t it be great to stop adulting for like a day or even more and direct those questions towards someone that knows your business and your plans for the future? Sign me up!  Business development tasks often fall in to the cracks and are not prioritized. Your Online Business Manager can and will ensure that the following tasks are managed and prioritized:


  • Lead generation

  • Drive traffic

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Systems building

  • Industry and market research

  • Creating and managing affiliate relationships


4 | Marketing Operations


Everyone knows that to stay in business, you’ve gotta market a path directly to your target audience. However, we also know that marketing is another time-consuming task that we’d rather someone else to do. Imagine having someone to help manage your content and handle tasks like social media, newsletter scheduling, and content creation. This person can also track your process and progress when using these platforms. You will never have to worry about the wrong strategy being used too long, you’ll have managed metrics to know whether or not you’re hitting your goals and reaching your audience. Here are a few specific areas that can be managed with an experienced online business manager:


  • Digital Marketing (managing paid ads metrics, creating social media graphics, scheduling social media copy)

  • Print Marketing (getting in touch with magazines, newspapers, and designing ads/flyers)

  • SPONSORSHIP'S (setting up and managing contacts for events, gathering sponsors, swag participants, creating event flyers)

  • Community Outreach (pitching your services/products to organizations/stores)

  • Public Relations (writing press releases, and pitching potential partnerships)


Your experienced online business manager will give you back the time you need to focus on revenue generating and creative tasks in your business. This individual will have the skills necessary to transform your brainstorming session into money making products or services for your ideal client or customer. They are an integral part of a team and the hiring process shouldn’t be taken lightly.


It is very easy to get them confused but an online business manager and a virtual assistant are definitely different. Think you’re ready to hire one or the other? Download your toolkit below to get the exact steps you need to complete before hiring. Do you help creating a job description, understanding the difference between an employee and contractor or learning your options from a tax perspective? Read more on those topics here by Sprout HR. 


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