the 4 key elements your workflow needs

The 4 Key Elements Your Daily Workflow Needs

I have spent a lot of time - just like you - hitting the snooze button to my 5 alarms, starting my day being unsure of what I’m going to work on, sitting in front of the computer for hours working on a few tasks here and there - knowing I need to do more - to only not get hardly anything done. I’ve also overworked myself and burned out. Our day to day flow can easily be thrown off by “life” so it’s important as entrepreneurs that we have a system to keep up with those changes, our to-do lists, project, goals, and schedules.

The word system is seemingly becoming another trendy buzz word but as always that isn’t the case. I feel like whenever words or things become trendy it takes away from their sometimes powerful meaning. Having a system in place simply means that you have a standard step by step process that you use to get things done. It doesn’t matter if this is getting your kids ready for school, doing certain things when you travel, or completing tasks in your business. Considering entrepreneurs and small business owners juggle many hats and tasks, it’s important you implement and maximize your resources so you can get and stay efficient.

There are 4 key elements that every workflow - how you do things daily - should include. In this week’s blog post I’m going to cover those 4 things that you must have and also give you a resource to help you create your own and manage it. This is a brief look into the process I use personally and for my clients. Let’s get started!

The Four Key Elements You Need to Use

To improve your productivity, you need to set your day on the right path before your feet even hit the floor. To do this I always suggest planning your to-do lists in advance. I typically use Sundays to prep for the week ahead. Food, to-do lists, cleaning, and more all get completed on that day. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean things don’t come up but at least I have a foundation for the week, I’m not scrambling come Monday morning trying to figure what I need to get done. This also lessens my stress throughout the week.


Action Step: Pick a day to braindump all the things you need to get done right now. Choose another day or a few hours later in the same day to then categorize that list into sections and then prioritize which tasks need to get done first. Choose the most important and start knocking those out. Do not move to the next category until you have complete the priority tasks.


Strong Goals 

Purpose-driven SMART goals help you define and set the standards for the day. Set your goals and daily targets either the night before or first thing in the morning so that you are organized for the day ahead. When you know exactly what you want and need to achieve on a daily basis, you set your sights on targets that are attainable and well within your grasp. With goals that are purpose driven and written to meet your strategic focus, you are assured of one key ingredient for your daily workflow to meet your needs.

Account for Personal and Business Tasks  

Differentiate between what is necessary for the personal side of your life and what you need to get done professionally. A work-life balance that addresses both of these areas improves your daily workflow for better management. Ensure you identify who will be responsible for specific tasks that should be done, and do not feel that you must do everything yourself. Delegate or outsource where tasks would impede you doing a good job.

A Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle 

Not because a top ten list of what the world’s most successful people do in the morning states that they exercise first thing means that you should try to fit that in at that time. Your schedule should reflect what is best for you and what your lifestyle is like. When you organize around what’s best for you, your workflow becomes more efficient.

A system to manage it all for consistency and efficiency 

When you’ve outlined your ideal daily workflow, get the tools necessary to make it flow as seamlessly as possible. A tried and proven system helps to keep consistency in your daily routines. You may have to test a few until you get the right workflow that you want and that’s okay. It took me a few years to find a process that worked best for me and even now I have some days where I still tweak it a bit. This will ensure that you get necessary tasks done, meet your goals, and streamline your processes for efficiency.  

Don’t want to wait? You could jumpstart the process with getting help to identify and outline the best system suitable for you, your lifestyle, and business to make your days lighter by working with me.