the #1 reason your to do list is overwhelming you

don't let your to do list overwhelm you entrepreneur

The #1 Reason Your To-Do List is Overwhelming You

When a goal matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to accomplish what at first seemed impossible. - Nido Qubein

Do you often find that at the end of a day or week you have barely made any progress on your to-do list? You have been diligently noting the things that need to be done but nothing seems to get crossed off the list. The list gets longer and you are getting overwhelmed that you have not accomplished anything you had set out to do. What if I told you that the main reason for this is that your to-do lists lack purpose?

What am I talking about?

When your task list lacks purpose, you do not have enough reasons to want to make things happen. Your goals aren’t well defined and the tasks are not associated with a meaningful motive that will drive you towards completion. A purposeful to do list is the key to accomplishing your goals and making progress. When you have addressed these issues, you can build a to-do list that is dedicated to helping you achieve results.

How does a purposeful to-do list make a difference

No matter how busy you are, once something needs to get done, you will find the time and the way. Therefore, to make a purposeful list that will get things done you need to make it actionable. That means, prioritizing items, assigning a deadline and a time limit for completion. When you do this, you are building in an innate motivation to drive the completion of your tasks. And, when this happens, you are much more likely to end a day having completed most if not all you’ve set out to do.

Building a Purposeful To Do List

The first thing is to understand is what items should make it onto your list. Identify if you are the right person to do the tasks. If not, delegate or pass them on to someone else. The only items that should make it onto your list are those that will increase your productivity. They must be significant and manageable. To make it manageable and build momentum, you could start off with a minimalist to-do list. Outline only a set number of tasks each day, prioritize them in terms of importance, and assign a target completion time. You can keep increasing the number of tasks as you perfect the process for getting more done efficiently. Make sure that you while creating your to-do list that take into account the personal tasks you need to get daily as well like cleaning your home, cooking dinner, spending time with your spouse/family, and/or getting your kids ready for their day,etc., tasks like these also matter and should be listed out to ensure you are bogging yourself down with too much.

Don’t make the lack of perfection of this new process stress you out. By using purposeful to-do lists, you can consistently complete your daily and weekly tasks. The goal is to always seek progress and not perfection. Sometimes it is good to have a helping hand guiding you through the process of building a purposeful to do list. If you have any further questions on how best to go about this process, let’s discuss over a smoothie date. In the meantime, I’d love for you to get one step closer to being organized by completing action step below and downloading the Weekly Action Plan Worksheet.

Action Step: Download the Weekly Action Plan Worksheet to learn the exact method I use to create a purposeful and simplified to-do list every week. Once you’ve worked through this resource, visit the cultivate hustle community here and show us your work so that we can celebrate your wins!