the #1 process you need to automate in your business

automate your client on-boarding for service based entrepreneurs

The #1 Process You Need to Automate In your Business

If there is one process that you must automate in your business, it’s your client onboarding process. The benefits of this are vast and many especially for online businesses. No matter if you are just starting out or you have a fully established business, this automation process is necessary for continued growth and scaling of your revenue and business.

What is Client Onboarding?

Most people have heard of employee onboarding, which is a process by which you get a new employee up to speed on their new working environment. This is a period of socialization that allows them to acquire the information, skills, and behaviors to become quality members of your team. Client onboarding is no different. It is the means through which you will help your clients become a part of your business and guide the process for beneficial client interactions. A seamless client process will lessen the potential anxiety that a new client may have before working with you.

Thought the client onboarding process varies by industry and business type the level of importance is still the same. For a photographer, the client onboarding step may only be 2 to 3 steps but for a business coach or a project manager like myself, it may include 4 to 6 steps. This is why it’s really important to automate this process so that you can ensure you don’t miss anything, your client is comfortable, and you can start off on the right foot.

How Client Onboarding Benefits Your Business

  1. Starts Off the Relationship on the Right Foot

With onboarding, you set the relationship expectations from the outset. With a detailed repeatable process, you can always use what works without having to rack your brain about how best to engage a first-time or recurring client.

  1. Sets a Great Impression

First impressions last. That is true in all spheres of life. When you have a well detailed and thought-out client onboarding process, you project a professional image that will impress your clients. When handled properly, your client onboarding activities can help you can retain those clients over a long period and increase the opportunity for referrals in the long term. Your first impression will show your clients the level of professionalism you possess and that you take your work and business seriously.

  1. Saves Time

The one thing that is always super precious to us that we don’t get enough of is time. If you are a service-based business, client onboarding can take up a big part of your time if you aren’t careful. Streamline that process by implementing a system that works for you. Client onboarding saves you time and effort by making the necessary arrangements for building a compelling client relationship. And especially if you incorporate automation, this makes the process even more streamlined and saves you time, money, and contribute to repeat business.

  1. Improves order-to-payment process

You can automate certain processes that help with accelerating the time from order to payment in your business. Remove the need for human interference which is dependent on when you or a staff member might be available. With an automated process, you can move your client quickly and efficiently through your sales process.

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Automating Your Client Onboarding Process

Getting clients takes time and money. You shouldn’t miss an easily applicable solution that will help you retain those clients. Implementing a new process isn’t as hard as it seems. It doesn’t even need to be complicated. You can start small, implement, and then tweak as you grow your business.

Areas that you can automate include:

  • Getting them to know your business and services. This could be done through email automation when a potential client signs up for more information. This allows you to connect with them no matter the time they engaged with you.

  • Scheduling appointments can be automated to take into consideration your time-zones, hours of availability, and the proposed length of engagement sessions.

  • You can also tie in your payment process as part of an automated onboarding experience.

Action Step: Use the Client Onboarding Process Worksheet to identify the steps your clients need to complete to work with you. Once you do that, use the other items in the Client Onboarding Kit to create your process. Share it with me and the community here so we can celebrate your win!

If you need other ideas on how to automate your client onboarding process, let me know. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.