how to prioritize with purpose in your business

use your purpose to prioritize your goals in business

How to Prioritize With Purpose In Your Business

As an entrepreneur, do you have a clearly articulated purpose for why you are in business? Does this purpose factor in your daily operations and strategizing for the future? When you build your business and prioritize with purpose you:

  • increase your business value

  • increase long-term sustainability

  • you can make decisions with your purpose as your guide

When I got to the point in my life when I knew that mattered I took a step back to reflect and figure out what my “purpose” really was so that anything I had my hand in - personally and professionally - would align with that. I feel like it’s easier to do the work when you know that it’s something that lights your soul on fire? Have you ever felt that way before?

how I knew I needed to make a change

It seems to me that a lot of people have a hard time figuring out what their exact purpose is and then how to use it in their life and business. When I think on that point in my life I remember that I felt:

  • I no longer enjoyed the work I was completing for my clients

  • I did that same work in my full-time job which means I was getting burned out

  • I felt like something was missing in my life in general

  • I felt like I was in a saturated market and wanted to stand out and feel better about what I was doing

how I discovered my purpose

I knew that I needed to make some changes but I didn’t really have a plan. I started stepping back from accepting clients within Marketing and started brainstorming new ideas. The most important thing to me that was my purpose, skills, and personal story aligned and could be showcased in my business. I’m thankful to say that after lots of reflecting, prayer, and journaling, I figured it out. I truly took that time to go back to the basics and it helped me a ton.

my purpose is...

My purpose is to help people. Sounds cliche? Possibly, but true nonetheless. I am a caregiver and nurturer in every sense of those words. I have had to care for so many people since a very very young age and I know that that transcends into my business as well. So within those times of caring for others, I realize that all of these years, I juggle a lot. I had to figure out how to organize my life so that I could accomplish my goals and take care of my family. That required lots of sacrifice, tweaking, and adjusting over the years. I had to create schedules and daily routines that worked best for me so I could fit what mattered most into my chaotic lifestyle. It was never perfect, still isn’t, but it helped.

With that being said, I’ve gotten my purpose (the why), my personal story, and now it’s time for the skills part. There are some skills that I am self-taught in and others that are based on academic and professional experience. I knew that I needed to be a little creative when it came time to create services and future products for Bella Creative. I also knew that I would need to adjust my copy, website, and overall strategy to reach my clients. I would say that in my opinion, this transition wasn’t very hard. Yes, I had been doing something different for a really long time - that mind you - I enjoyed and just created something that I was incredibly passionate about. There is a difference and either way I am thankful for both :) Now, I am happier than I ever have been before and am so incredibly excited for the future of Bella Creative Collective.

The Power of Purpose

Living and operating with purpose is powerful. It motivates you through the good and the bad times as are inevitable in a business. It helps to attract the right customers and clients that you seek for your business. When people know what your purpose is and can identify with it, it helps you to gain and retain customers. Having a strong purpose to drive you gives you staying power for the long haul. It fuels you with the drive to complete the things that are necessary to grow your business. And it determines the value you offer and how far your business will go.

Prioritize With Purpose

From my experience, owners, and entrepreneurs that can clearly express their purpose develop better strategies for the operation of their businesses. When you plan and prioritize with purpose, you get and stay organized, as well as accomplish more. Your employees have vested interest in your business when they too can articulate why you are in business and how what they do contribute to the business purpose.

A purpose driven business and life help you to create clear goals and high-level strategies and actions to build and grow your business. It gives you a consistency needed to build standards, set realistic and strategic goals, and achieve better results in the long term.

Committing to your purpose

I’ve also realized that even though a lot of business owners know their vision for the business, planning and prioritizing with purpose poses a challenge for them. They find it difficult identifying where to start with this process. Having the assistance of someone external to the business that can bring a fresh eye and approach can help, especially a project manager with experience in strategic business planning. With such help, business owners can jump ahead of the learning curve of prioritizing with purpose and focus more on growing their company.

it’s your turn

now that I’ve given you a glimpse into the why, how, and what of discovering my purpose. I want you to do the same. Going through this process has changed my life - and although I am still learning so much about myself - this step alone changed the landscape of my future. A purpose is not another trendy word. It isn’t something that everyone is doing and you can’t. You may feel like you don’t have one because

  • your life isn’t Pinterest perfect

  • you aren’t sure what’s so special about your personal story

  • your skills are in a saturated market

remember I felt the same way that you do. I’ve been there in your shoes so I understand completely. but here’s the thing that we fail to realize, your and my purpose, are the foundation of everything. Once you figure out your purpose it’s easier to discover

  • what skills you can and want to use

  • who’d you’d like to work with

  • how you can niche down in your blog or business

  • what projects you’d like to work on

That list goes on. Do you have a clear business motive and are you building your business on that well-defined purpose? I’d love to see you feel the way that I do now I’ve been through this process. I’ve created a workbook called the Purpose Blueprint specifically for you. Use this to start your journey towards discovering your purpose.