what is a standard operating procedure manual and why your business must have one

get your business organized with a standard operating procedure manual

what is a standard operating procedure manual and why your business must have one


Excuse the corporate jargon but this resource is vital for businesses as they grow and scale. As your business grows, things are going to change, your revenue will increase, you may hire new employees - whether a contractor or full-time - and most importantly the process and how you generate revenue will change. As the latter changes, you’ll need to create a process that will guide your employees and self to ensure there is consistency across the board. In this post, I will share with you the benefits and how a SOP works. 


1 | What does SOP mean?


Standard Operating Procedures


2 | What are Standard Operating Procedures?


A standard operating procedure comes in the form of a document or manual that lists out a set of step-by-step instructions to help individuals complete routine tasks in a business or organization.


3 | What are the benefits of a SOP?


Standard Operating Procedure manuals are used to create and maintain efficiency, quality work, and a uniformed process for all tasks regardless of who performs them.


4 |  Why do I need a SOP for my business?


If you are a business owner that is experiencing growth pains, you need one. If you have hired a virtual assistant, business manager or another type of employee who will be working in your business with you, you need one. If you’re constantly being asked questions and feeling as though you are spending more time showing that person how to complete tasks rather than them doing the work, you need one.


If you find yourself getting stuck in the process and unable to take action on the work proactively, you need a standard operating procedure manual. Maybe you haven’t outsourced parts of your business yet but know you’ll need to soon and are questioning if your level of organization is enough for the new person, you need a standard operating procedure manual.


I believe a standard operating procedure manual becomes the next most important document outside of your business plan when you are ready to take things to the next level or if it’s already happened before you were even ready. That’s a good thing but you need a manual to help you. This is a resource for the dreamer, doer, planner, and boss. It is an investment into your future and the sustainability of your brand.


A SOP manual will reduce miscommunication and mistakes amongst team members. It’ll reduce getting stuck and overwhelmed with the steps, improper scheduling of time, outsourcing, and delegation. Most importantly - I can say this a million times - the purpose of a standard operating procedure manual is to provide detailed, easy to digest, instructions on how to complete a task so that anyone - family in an emergency or new employee - can do things as you would and in the correct manner.


If you have ever or are currently experiencing some of what I listed above please take the time to get yourself and your business organized. Unsure what that may look like for you? Click here to buy me a smoothie and ask me a business related question. I’m addicted to Tropical Smoothie and Smoothie King :D Want some support?